J.E.B Farriery Services Ltd ,offer a prompt, professional, reliable service to Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, using an ancient skill and taking it to the 21st century by using modern techniques and technology.


I am happy and experienced in working with every discipline, from your local ridding school, to your top grandprix horses.

Every horse is shod individually to it's specific  requirements, in order to get the best results out of your horse.


A static and dynamic assessment can be carried out, in order to shoe the horse and achieve maximum results.

A slow motion video can be done to see the exact foot fall/flight and imbalance that the naked eye cannot see. 


I am able to read radiographs with an onboard computer in order to see the internal issues I am trying to assist with.





All farriery undertaken

  • Traditional Hot & Cold Shoeing
  • Remedial Corrective Farriery
  • Bar Shoes
  • Imprints
  • Glue On Shoes
  • Crack Repair
  • Equi-Pak Pads
  • Corrective  Trimming
  • Extensions.
  • Foal Corrections
  • Barefoot Trimming -Im very open minded to barefoot, as welfare of the horse is the upmost importance, as I understand some horses do not suit  shoes.



I carry an extensive range of shoes, I also have the ability to make or fabricate shoes for specific ailments.

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